Wax in the ears

Wax in the ears

If you are concerned about excessive ear wax, you need to know that, as well as being considered an aesthetic problem, it is a real health risk for your auditory system.

That’s why it is very important to take good care of your ears to prevent any further damage. You should bear in mind that when there is a build up of excessive cerumen, it can start to press on the eardrum, obstruct the external auditory canal or significantly damage your sense of hearing.

In addition, the symptoms that warn you when you have too much ear wax can become really annoying. For example, you can experience earache, a blocked sensation, a buzzing sound. Also, if the was becomes hardened it can cause a nasty wax blockage.

But although it is important to realise when you have excessive ear wax, it is just as important to choose the correct method of getting rid of it. Specialists are very clear on this matter and fully advise against the use of cotton buds or other objects. The reason for this is that they push the wax further in and they can even damage the eardrum. So, you need to know that the best way to clean your ears is without inserting anything into the external auditory canal.

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