I can’t breathe properly

I can’t breathe properly

You’ve experienced that horrible feeling, right?


Living with a blocked nose is uncomfortable. You can’t breathe properly, you have the feeling of constant mucous and sometimes you can’t even hear clearly. This problem is called nasal congestion and in winter months you are far more likely to suffer from it.


This condition is caused by an inflammation of the blood vessels in the nose and you’re probably well aware of the most common triggers for this. Because, in fact, when you have nasal congestion you generally have a common cold, flu-like symptoms or a sinus infection. In winter months, the viruses and bacteria that create these problems also cause you to suffer from this uncomfortable nasal congestion. That’s why, in these months of cold weather and sharp changes in temperature you need to take steps to prevent this from occurring.


However, there are also other, less common, possible causes which you should bear in mind too. For example, if you suffer from any illnesses like allergic rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis or nasal polyps it is also very likely that you suffer from this problem.


Nasal congestion can really affect your quality of life, so knowing how to combat it is, without doubt, a great idea.

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