Dry nose

Dry nose

You’ve probably already experienced the problems a dry nose causes you. You’ll know that when the nasal passages dry out this causes discomfort, itching and flaking skin. All of this can result in a truly uncomfortable feeling, and it can also create even bigger problems for your health.


There are several causes of nasal dryness making it very common at any time of year. Winter makes us especially prone to suffering from this since a dry cold, combined with the dry climate caused by different types of heating, dry the nose out very quickly. But there are other possible reasons, such as allergies, the use of inhalers, hormonal disorders, vitamin A deficiency or if you’ve undergone surgery. As you can see, the list of possible reasons is extensive and, to these we can add some illnesses like Sjögren’s Syndrome or the use of certain medicines like corticoids.


You have to bear in mind that a dry nose can lead to significant health disorders like for example, mild nasal haemorrhages, sinusitis or even chronic nasal congestion.


Your nose is the first line of defence against infectious illnesses and that’s why it is so important that you understand how to look after it and protect it to recover your well-being.h.

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